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Chiropractor Post Falls ID Jedediah Badders and FamilyHow Chiropractic helped me…
The benefits of chiropractic helped me recover from an auto accident when I was in my early twenties. I fractured a vertebra in my low back, fractured my right pelvic bone, and received severe whiplash. After the accident I started a chiropractic treatment plan and was able to recover quickly. The accident was over ten years ago but I know that if I had not received care soon after the accident I would have more pain in my life today.

Why I became a Chiropractor
I was raised in a natural and holistic way so we didn’t have a family doctor and rarely went to the hospital. I can easily count on one hand the times that I went to the hospital; mostly due to broken bones. At the age of nine after hurting my back in a fall from a tree I had my first encounter with a chiropractor. I was definitely a little fearful before my first adjustment but after it was over I felt better and realized the fear was gone. It was at that time that I decided chiropractic could be a career path for me. After high school I joined the military to help pay for my future education; always with a chiropractic career in mind.

After separating from the military I attended Boise State University and began taking pre-med classes. I continued at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa and received an excellent education at the fountainhead of chiropractic. The school is rich with philosophy and rigorous with their technique classes. The first two years at Palmer involved classes covering spinal and gross anatomy, biochemistry, neuroanatomy, physiology and pathology. The later part of my education involved classes dealing with radiology, diagnoses and technique.

Since moving to Northern Idaho my wife and I have been enjoying everything the great outdoors has to offer. We are excited to be a part of the community and raise our family here.

Chiropractic is a safe and effective alternative
I encourage people to seek out chiropractic and find out what it is that we offer. The beauty of chiropractic is that we work with the body to help it heal itself. Chiropractic is still a profession that many people are skeptical of but the proof is in the results. I want people to understand that mainstream medicine is not always in their best interest and that chiropractic provides a safe and effective alternative.

Thanks for visiting our site. I look forward to meeting you in person and learning how we may be of service to you. Give our Post Falls office a call, or email me and let’s arrange a time to explore your options.

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